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Domain Registration

We’ve been a domain name provider since 1995.

A domain name provider sells domain names to the public but, of course, our main focus is business so all of our registrations are for businesses and/or companies. Your domain provider is the last company you paid for your domain registration.

We renew and maintain renewals for all of our business customers as another value added service from Computer Master.

As a registrar we may register any domain name with the following suffixes:

.COM, .BIZ, .CA, .CC, .CN, .NET, .DE, .INFO, .NAME, .ORG, .TV, .UK plus others that evolve over time.

Through our very friendly customer control panel our customers may easily modify/change settings for the profile, organization, admin, billing, and technical contacts, name servers, and chose to either lock or unlock the domain. Our customers may also change their password, create/manage a sub-user, change ownership of the domain.

With Computer Master as your registrar you have complete control over your domain name which is very important to all business owners and IT support personnel.

When you buy domain name services from Computer Master you are buying a commitment to the fairest, most honest, most consumer-friendly principles and policies in the industry. Taking that commitment even a step further, we offer you 3 promises as follows:

40-day no-questions asked, no-exceptions domain name rescue.

Didn’t receive your domain name renewal emails? Don’t worry. Couldn’t renew your name by the expiry date because of some circumstance beyond your control? Don’t worry. Just plain forgot to renew your domain name? Don’t worry. You can get your domain back online. In many cases, depending on the domain extension and registry policies, even if it’s been expired for more than a month, you just pay the regular renewal fee.

Minimal fuss if you want to transfer your domain to another registrar.

If, for any reason, you’re not happy you will be able to move your domain name with minimal fuss. We don’t restrict your ability to transfer your domain name from one registrar to another. It’s your domain name and we recognize your right to register it with the registrar of your choice. We fully adhere to ICANN rules surrounding transfers (such as the 60-day lock after initial registration or renewal) but do not layer on things like additional transfer locks under the guise of protecting your security.

A thoughtful, “registrant-first” approach to dispute resolution.

Our approach to any domain name dispute begins with the firm belief that your domain name is your own. We also have a full-time, dedicated Compliance Team to make sure these matters get the attention they deserve. We will not allow your domain name to be used as leverage in a dispute. We will not readily “seize” your domain name under public pressure as other registrars have done.

We’ve been in I.T. for well over a decade!