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Email Archiving with Global Relay

Can you imagine accessing any email from years ago….anytime, from anywhere?

Computer Master now offers email archiving for anyone or any company who requires their emails kept forever.

This cloud based service is one of a kind built with the highest level of security known in the industry. Our solution offers you complete and full control of all email communication. This service is secure, centralized off-site storage for all of your emails offering rapid search and retrieval via full text indexing and search engine technology. You may search using any part of the message content like headers or attachments. This eliminates PST files and migrates existing data to the email archive storage facility. It also eliminates mailbox size limitations and offers a multi-lingual interface where required. This service meets compliance, audit and litigation rules such as SEC, IIROC [IDA], FRCP, SOX, privacy requirements. Tamperproof WORM back-up with write-verification ensures message authenticity. Geographically isolated offsite backup which acts as a secondary mail system to send, receive, compose and restore email with one click recovery to Outlook. For complete information and details please contact our office.

Search from the web, Outlook, or your  mobile device.

With Global Relay Search, each user in the organization gains secure access to a personal archive of all their current and historical messages – including every message type in the archive. Powerful search functionality enables users to retrieve and restore any message in seconds. With Email Archiving Search, mailbox size limitations and lost messages are eliminated.

Unified source for every message type.

Provides quick mobile search and retrieval of all archived message types – including email, instant messaging, Bloomberg, BlackBerry, Thomson Reuters Messaging, Social Media and more.

Ensure regulatory compliance.

As with all Global Relay services, Global Relay Search is purpose-designed to meet the compliance requirements of firms in highly regulated industries. Benefit from productivity gains. Since users can search their own message archive, lost messages and time-consuming searches are eliminated, saving time and boosting productivity. Sophisticated search capabilities including Boolean, wildcards, and proximity logic allow rapid message search and recovery. Users can instantly restore any type of message to the inbox, even if that message has been deleted – alleviating a burden for IT. Reduce the impact of business disruptions. Since users can compose, reply and forward messages directly from the archive, access to messages is never lost during email server outages. Employees can continue business as usual in the event of an internal email system failure.

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