Hosted Exchange Services

E-mail has increasingly become a critical business communication tool.

To remain competitive, tools such as shared calendaring, shared global address book and instantaneous web access to the inbox from anywhere and any time have become a necessity. Yet, setting up such an infrastructure can be costly and complex. This is where COMPUTERmaster excels!

Our Hosted Exchange service offers business of all sizes the flexibility to implement a complex email infrastructure overnight. You needn’t worry about purchasing equipment, complex software setup, and licensing. Our Hosted Exchange service allows the flexibility of scaling up or down as needed, minimizing your financial risk through a competitive pay-as-you-go model which can help you free up valuable capital, IT staff, and other costly resources.

The most important advantage in using our service is the “peace of mind” that comes with it.


As part of our Hosted Exchange Service, we offer:

Robust bandwidth.
Built-in redundancy and resiliency through a clustered and redundant architecture.

      Server, network, and infrastructure security features.

      Timely upgrades and security patches applied on an ongoing basis.

      Spam and virus filtering protection of all emails, elliminating up to 99% of all unwanted email.

      Mobility enabled access for any device that uses ActiveSync, BlackBerry, and GoodLink.

    Skilled, experienced staff ready to diagnose and assist with any problem.



Why Outsource Exchange?

Unlimited Inbox!
Lower Costs

Companies both large and small benefit from the messaging and collaboration features of running Microsoft Outlook and Exchange.

Eliminates overhead of in-house or outsource Exchange expertise. Allocate IT resources to revenue enhancing projects. No need to hassle with licensing. Receive quick customer service. Use a certified, professionally engineered Exchange environment. Benefit from proven backup and recovery practices. Never worry about maintenance, patches or software upgrades again. Reduce complexity of having multiple mail platforms to manage.

SecurityRemote, centralized and secure information storage.
Shared Calendar See colleagues availability. Book meetings. Be more productive.
Global Address List (GAL) Central company directory. Stay organized.
BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) Optional Wireless connection to the office. Effortless synchronization between device and exchange. No need for a separate blackberry email account.
ActiveSync Option Available Wireless connection to the office. Simple synchronization between device and exchange. No need for a separate email account.
Public Folders Online collaboration anytime, anyplace; meeting scheduling, contact management, document sharing and task management.
Outlook Web AccessAllows users to operate where ever they may be located worldwide with a browser.

Hosted Exchange Services vs In House Mail Servers

Hosted Exchange Server
In-House Mail Server
Security• Perimeter Protection
• Multiple Virus Filters.
• Automatic TLS Encryption.
• Email threats penetrate the client
CostNo capital Investment.Equipment purchases required.
Demand on

• Liberates Bandwidth.
• Reduces traffic on network
infrastructure (routers, firewalls,
gateways, mailservers).
• Uses additional bandwidth and storage.
• Increases the load on network
Training• No Training Required.• Training Necessary.
Effectiveness• Stops up to 99% of unwanted email.
• Protects from viruses, phishing, DoS, and hijacking threats.
• Requires constant adjustments to be successful.
• In-house resources are continually used to maintain effectiveness.
Risk• Outsourced disaster recovery option.
• Reduces risk of loss.
• No binding contracts.
• Unforeseen disaster recovery depends on in-house systems.
• Service and maintenance contracts are generally required.
Set-UP• No installation or configuration required.
• Removes the burden of email security from overworked IT staff.
• Zero end user disruption.
• Installation can be complex.
Support• 9x5 customer support.• Varies depending on the support contracts available.
Admin Control • Web-based user interface.• Local control.
Maintenance • No proprietary systems to install or maintain.
• Setup, maintained and managed 24x7x365 by experts.
• Requires development, maintenance and retention of in-house expertise.
• May require system licenses or subscription updates.
Reliability• Specialized email processing infrastructure.
• Mail bagging for up to 48 Hrs .
• Load balancing.
• Fail-over Support.
• SMTP flow management.
• Depends on reliability of in-house infrastructure.
Rule Updates• Rules updated more than 20,000 times per day.• Rules generally updated once a day

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