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Email Archiving Services Milton

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What is Email Archiving?


Email archiving is an efficient approach to preserving and protecting all email communications. It allows businesses to acquire user emails directly from the application and upload it to a cloud. They are stored in secure databases for long term permanence, so you can access any email from years ago anytime and anyplace. 


How Email Archiving Works


Email archiving doesn’t only accumulate a long list of emails, they are indexed to make searching for emails easy. You can search the database using specific content or messaging, headers, subject lines, documents or attachments. All original content is retained and preserved in a read-only format. This eliminates the need for a Personal Storage Table, as all email data is migrated to an archive storage facility. It gives your business quick access to the system using technical methods.


Why Your Business Needs Email Archiving


Businesses need to ensure their confidential information is kept secure — even email communications. Many organizations must meet regulatory compliance, which is implemented and enforced by the government. Furthermore, preserving business-related emails is mandated in highly regulated industries such as finance, government and healthcare.


Email archiving is an effective solution for organizations to meet compliance, including audits and litigation. It is a high secure solution for critical data protection, knowledge and storage management, and provides legal support for discovery purposes. Email archiving also reduces businesses disruptions, as users can still send and reply to messages from the archive and access messages even during email server outages. It is a great tool where data permanence is a top priority.


Email Archiving Services in Milton


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