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Exchange Server Support Mississauga

Exchange Server Support Mississauga


exchange server support

What is an Exchange Server?

Exchange Server is Microsoft’s messaging and collaboration server. The platform is setup on Windows operating systems for businesses to centralize emails, messaging, calendars, contacts, and scheduling. It enables users to send and receive email and other communication through computer networks. Exchange Server is designed to inter-operate with your business’ software client applications, such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express and other email applications.


How is an Exchange Server Used?


Exchange Server is a centralized hub and messaging platform that can be used on desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets and web-based systems. An Exchange Server can help users collaborate and work together using document sharing for reports, presentations, and spreadsheets. Businesses can also enable storage and security features to archive content, perform searches and execute compliance tasks.

I.T. Processes & Business Benefits


Exchange Server support in Mississauga can benefit your business with improved productivity and efficiency by giving employees backed accessibility in the office or remotely. When your company has an exchange server it allows employees to access emails, relevant notes or documents, calendar dates and meeting schedules anywhere in the world. You won’t have to worry about recovering work from a hard drive or laptop because everything is saved on the server. This can significantly increase workflow when employees are travelling, working from home or elsewhere. Exchange server support in Mississauga meets internal requirements and policies for small to large organizations. The software arrangement and tools make an Exchange Server easy to manage for any business.


Exchange Server Support in Mississauga


Make your employees more efficient with exchange server support. If you are looking to improve your Exchange Server in Mississauga with new upgrades or migrate data to a new system contact Computer Master.


Our Exchange Server Support experience includes:

  • Exchange Server 2013 Support and Migration
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2010
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2007
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2003
  • Exchange Problems and resolution

Computer Master is your certified exchange server support professionals in Mississauga. Our I.T. consultants will help your business with Exchange Server issues and diagnostics. Contact us for a  complete and seamless changeover to new or previous versions of Microsoft Exchange Server, so you can achieve more reliability, greater flexibility, enhanced user experiences, and increased protection for your business!