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High Availability Servers


Redefining X

The 30-year-old PC server has reached its limits. To combat the spiraling costs and inefficiency caused by the chronic underutilization of x86 servers—and to be able to scale flexibly to meet the demands of new applications and services—real innovation is required, not more commodity solutions.

With the introduction of eX5, IBM’s 5th Generation of the industry leading enterprise x86 servers, IBM engineers have redefined X by radically expanding the capabilities of x86 servers, leveraging the deep history of IBM innovation. The new eX5 servers emphasize three crucial design goals:

Competitive servers using the same processors, but only eX5 systems offer 2x the memory, yielding the maximum performance for many workloads. By decoupling the number of processors from the number of memory DIMMs available, System x has unlocked an unprecedented amount of configuration flexibility. You no longer have to add another (unused and expensive) processor simply because you need more memory for your existing apps. In fact, if your apps (or your need for virtualization) require huge quantities of memory—more than the chassis can hold, in fact—eX5 allows you to expand the chassis with an external MAX5 memory chassis, for the most memory in the industry in each of these classes of servers.

Minimize Cost

With the addition of the scalable, 2-socket System x3690 X5, System x has lowered the acquisition cost of enterprise servers, while preserving the ability to scale to much greater capabilities if and when you need to. IBM doesn’t force you to buy everything up front, as some competitive systems do. You can extend memory and/or processing power as you need it. And more memory means you can run more VMs per processor, which helps lower your per-processor software licensing costs. See up to 50% savings in software licensing for the same number of virtual machines (VMs) or database users or nearly twice the number of VMs (82% more) for the same license cost1.

Simplify Deployment

With single points of management and remote administration, eX5 systems are built for simpler qualification, faster deployment, and easier administration. eXFlash SSD technology allows you to drastically reduce cables and drives. FlexNode partitioning allows you to redeploy a large multi-node system as multiple single systems on a project-by-project or day-to-night basis without making physical changes to the system. IBM innovation helps set you apart from the competition. More affordable IT allows you to take cost out of IT and use those resources to fuel innovation in your own projects.

Improve application performance while managing growth, complexity and risk

With a data center that’s easier to manage and more reliable, you have more time to focus on growing your business.

The IBM System x3850 X5 is unrivaled in its application performance. With 6 leadership performance benchmarks, clients get the industry’s best performance per workload. The x3850 X5 delivers 6x the memory of any 4-socket x86 system today for the maximum utilization, reliability and performance needed for compute- and memory-intensive workloads. The x3850 X5 is a versatile, scalable, 4-socket, 4U, rack-optimized enterprise server that provides a flexible platform so you can grow when you need to.

Reduce costs with improved energy efficiency

Managing energy in the data center is a growing concern due to the increasing numbers of servers, the incremental heat they generate and ultimately, the rising cost of energy. System x servers not only help increase performance per watt, but also help you budget, plan, and control power usage. And, by consolidating and virtualizing on IBM System x and BladeCenter servers, you can increase the utilization of hardware and decrease the number of physical assets you need to watch over. With the IBM Director extension and IBM Virtualization Manager, managing your virtualized environment is even easier, giving you a single interface to manage physical and virtual systems from almost anywhere.

The x3650 M3 delivers an energy smart design featuring lower wattage efficient power supplies, counter rotating fans, an altimeter and advanced power management that can reduce annual energy costs by up to $100/server per year. Also, the new x3550 M3 and x3650 M3 have next-generation BIOS technology that offers more functionality and fully supports today’s and tomorrow’s operating systems.


Introducing Lenovo’s next generation of powerful, highly scalable, and easy to manage 2P rack, the RD240 and our newest 2P tower, the TD230.

Superior Performance – Feature Focused

Up to 60% faster than legacy servers, the latest generation of ThinkServers powers your line of business applications with ease.

Designed with your needs in mind, our new ThinkServers come with built in web enabled remote management, advanced RAID, and other popular features that give you exactly what you need to power your mission critical applications.

The Smart Solution

With key features built in, environmentally friendly designs, and easy to use management tools our new ThinkServers provide you a complete all-in-one solution and peace of mind that your business is in good hands.

Lenovo ThinkServer systems offer innovative features and superior performance—at the right price and configuration to fit your unique business requirements. Choose from an assortment of single- and dual-processor tower and rack servers with fully qualified options, and various software and service offerings. Lenovo ThinkServers are designed to meet today’s demanding workloads and are expandable to grow as your organization grows—with an option that’s perfect for your dynamic business.

lenovo think servers

Tower Servers

Lenovo’s high-value, flexible tower servers deliver dependability, performance, and expandability at an affordable price point. These exceptionally engineered servers are designed around rock-solid hardware, easy-to-use software, and unparalleled services and support. Lenovo tower servers are the perfect solution for busy companies with limited IT resources and time to optimize their use.

Rack Servers

Lenovo single- and dual-processor rack servers combine high performance and reliability in a small form factor. The space-optimized design—along with energy-efficient features including 92-percent-plus efficient power supplies, ENERGY STAR® and Climate Savers qualification, and RoHS compliance—makes the newest Lenovo rack servers the greenest yet.

Our newest tower and rack servers make remote management a snap. These servers come standard with “Always-on” Integrated Management which enables you complete out-of-band access to your server via a simple Web browser interface. This allows a server to be managed from anywhere even if it is switched off or has damage operating system. Many of the models also include Premium integrated Management, giving you full remote control (including KVM and media) of your ThinkServer from any location. These servers are EnergyStar qualified and are virtualization-ready. Whatever model you choose, you can count on the Lenovo tower and rack servers for the dependability, resilience, and scalability you need in your dynamic business environment.


Business-class servers. Experience space-optimised blade and rack servers for advanced networking and file, print, network and virtualization servers for all your traditional networking demands.

PowerEdge Tower Servers

The latest Dell™ PowerEdge™ was designed to meet the needs of the small business environment. Customizable with up to four hard drives for your important data, cost effective RAID options for added data protection, new e-SATA external storage connectivity options and basic systems management for easy system monitoring, the PowerEdge™ is an ideal first server for the small business needing to increase productivity and collaboration in their office.

Dell aims to add value to your business by providing the features you need without a lot of the unnecessary extras. Our goal is to deliver value through tailored solutions based on industry standards, as well as purposeful, innovative design.

dell poweredge servers

PowerEdge Rack Servers

Balance of Features and Size. The highly versatile Dell PowerEdge rack server provides the optimal balance of server features and size. It gives businesses the ability to maximize server performance while keeping space and energy needs to a minimum. Designed to support most any type of enterprise application, including database, email and network infrastructure, it has the versatility that businesses require.

Power infrastructure and consumption already account for nearly half the cost of a typical data center and could soon cost half of the typical overall IT budget. That said, Dell offers the PowerEdge Energy Smart systems for customers seeking a highly energy-efficient server — Dell is the only major server vendor to offer a complete lineup of these energy-optimized servers.