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Managed IT Services




Managed Services is a somewhat of a new word commonly used today in the IT world. Although new, we have been in the Managed Services world since 1998.

Our first managed service was dial-up internet service that we were selling through suppliers like Netcom back in the mid to late 1990’s. From this point, we went into website hosting services and then onward to ADSL high speed Internet connection services. Roughly around this same time, we were a clone shop as well as a break fix shop. It was killing us. One day we had too many service people doing nothing and the next day we didn’t have enough. This is when we launched our service level agreement. This allowed us to perform regular proactive and preventative services to eliminate the constant fire drills we were experiencing when customers called with their networks down. Of course, back then we carried a software tool kit that was huge because Internet files were not readily available.


This is when Computer Master became a managed service company as we had control now of services by proactively and in a preventative manner serviced all of our customer’s networks. We became one of Mississauga’s first outsource IT companies. In doing so, we managed to settle down our customers and make them more stable. We also assisted in building out the school boards network and making every classroom web accessible through installing a cabling solution.


At the same time, because we couldn’t offer rural customers fast internet we partnered with WorldWithoutWire to offer them wireless fast internet connectivity. This proved to be very effective as customers loved the symmetrical speed of this service. As the web became inundated with unwanted emails, solicitations and simple garbage content we needed to provide our customers with solutions that offered them security as well as privacy in a cost effective manner. Our prime goal was to attempt to keep our customers productivity high without constant interruption and/or distraction from the web. We then went on to offer annual licensing with full compliancy, hardware licensing for quick replacement of important gear on a network, email hosting, private email hosting, email archiving, spam filtering, private wide area networks, fail-over solutions, hosted exchange, online backup and co-location hosting for important application servers.


So, when all is said and done Computer Master has been a managed service company for well over a decade and has incorporated solutions for our customers as required in an easy, effective and affordable manner.

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