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Network Security Audit Markham

Network Security Audit Markham


network security audit markham


What is a Network Security Audit?

A network security audit works to thoroughly go through all elements of your I.T. systems, to determine and measure how secure your information conforms to internal set standards. When a network security audit is performed, it makes it easier for you to mark where your system is not safe or compromised.  It provides you with a clear direction on security and where you need to focus.


How Secure is Your Company’s Network?


If your business does not have strong security settings, you’re leaving a potential risk for important data loss. If a data loss were to occur, it can impact your business in adverse or unfavourable ways. The appropriate way to ensure your company’s network is in good standing is to implement a network security audit. This will ensure your business can improve its cybersecurity and stay compliant.


What is Involved with a Network Security Audit?


When you choose to have a network security audit in Markham, we look at your physical system setup and hardware, which includes servers, backup systems and power options. We examine your business software, apps, emails and active programming used including how users interact and access the systems. This is required to check all entry points into your system. If users can access the network, ensure password requirements and privacy rules are in place, and all your systems conform to your business policies.


It’s critical that your company networks in Markham are configured securely. We ensure antivirus measures are implemented, along with encryption and firewall protection to increase security and keep unwanted activity out.


Get Your Network Security Audit in Markham

It’s highly important for your business to schedule regular network security audits to discover issues and potential risks. When you sustain a vulnerable network you’re adding significant risk to your company, your clients, and reputation. Take the effort to maintain your network security in excellent order on a regular basis to keep your data safe. At Computer Master, we understand network security audits in Markham. Contact us to schedule your business’ network security audit today!