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Online Backup Services Mississauga

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What is an Online Backup?


An online backup is essentially taking data from your hard drive and uploading it to a remote server via a network connection. The technology uses limited hardware, instead most of the work is done on the Internet and cloud computing to facilitate off-site storage solutions for your home needs or businesses of any size.


How Do They Work


For online backups to work it requires a high-speed Internet connection and a Web browser interface. Depending on your computer, you may need to install software to safely create an online backup. This way detailed files or entire data stored on a hard drive can be copied or backed up to an online storage provider. Overall, your important files and data will automatically be saved to the online backup on a regular basis or at a scheduled time of your choosing. If any changes or edits are created to original files, the online backup will be automatically updated.


Why You Need Online Backups


If your home computer or business does not have proper security settings, it’s important to update them to prevent data loss or breaches. Doing an online backup to an off-site storage facility ensures you’ve taken the precautionary steps to have a disaster recovery plan. Your data will remain safe even in disasters such as fires, floods or theft. Your sensitive information will remain guarded with a Web-based admin console, so you can access data and monitor the health of your backups.


Furthermore, all files are encrypted and stored in different global data centres. You can easily access or download data backups from any computer or device in the world to browse an archived file system hierarchy and all versions of your file history.


Get Online Backup Services in Mississauga


At Computer Master, we bring large business IT best practises to all our customers. You receive the top quality service for online backups in Mississauga including:

  • 3 Tiered Data Encryption
  • Unlimited Versioning and Archiving
  • Copy of Data Stored in 10 Different Data Centres
  • Global Roaming Access from Anywhere


We ensure you receive the flexibility and power to create backups that meet your needs, including 3-tiered security, multi-destination access, and customized scheduled backups for all your files. Let us provide you with online backup services in Mississauga, contact us to schedule a service assessment today!