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Performance Workstations


lenovo workstationsComputing muscle

The latest Intel® processors, including Intel Xeon® CPUs with Turbo Boost Technology, aren’t just fast, they’re designed for intelligent performance and energy efficiency, automatically adjusting based on your usage needs. To amp up responsiveness, we’ve made room for as many as 12 DIMM slots on select workstations.

Cutting-edge graphics solutions

Select ThinkStation workstations integrate NVIDIA® Quadro® professional graphics with SLI technology and the Tesla™ high-performance computing solution. The result? A powerful, versatile solution engineered to meet your high-performance graphics and computing demands.


Lenovo works closely with leading software partners, and ThinkStation workstations have hundreds of independent software vendor (ISV) certifications, ensuring that you have the performance you need to run the world’s most demanding applications. ThinkStation ISV certifications (pdf)

Less waiting

Lenovo Enhanced Experience for Windows® 7 PCs boast significantly faster boot-up and shutdown times as well as hardware and software innovations to help you work more productively.

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Powerful Performance

An ideal combination of price and performance, Dell workstations are designed to provide productivity and scalability gains well beyond the range of standard business desktop systems. The systems feature the latest generation of Intel architecture for fast, energy-efficient performance on a variety of workstation applications. The systems support high capacity of system memory (including both DDR3 ECC and non-ECC memory), allowing for superior levels of application performance and data manipulation.

 Efficient Design

The Dell workstation offers a high level of energy efficiency and conforms to major worldwide energy standards, including ENERGY STAR® 5.04, EPEAT® Gold and Blue Angel (Der Blauer Engel) 2009.

The new generation of Intel Xeon technology affords the systems additional levels of energy efficiency, including the individual management of processor-core clock speeds (using the processor’s internal power-control unit) and the ability to boost performance using Intel TurboMode.

All new Dell tower workstations feature 85 percent efficient, wide-ranging power supplies for environmentally conscientious computing that doesn’t sacrifice on performance.