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POP Email Accounts




Basic pop email has been offered by Computer Master since 1994.

Back then it was via a dial up Internet account. Although slow by today’s standards it was very much a tool that we promoted and helped develop as the general business public became more computer savvy. Over the years pop email accounts bundled with some type of web mail component became essential for most our customers.

It has been our customers who have driven the technology ship forward as their specific requirements changed over the years. Faxing would be the best example of this. In the earlier days we had multiple customers who we set up with fax servers so they could broadcast specials, important information or announcements to their customers easily and cost effectively. Obviously, as time passed these fax servers went out of vogue and email communication became the tool of choice.

Oddly enough for many years, email accounts to most of our manufacturing customers were not important as they relied primarily on receiving purchase order numbers through their fax machines. Around 2003- 2005 the trend changed and the fax receipts diminished and most if not all purchase orders were being received via email mostly with an Adobe pdf attachment with the purchase order details. Of course, this demanded that we keep their Internet connection and email service up and running all the time. This drove the need for fail-over connections as well as primary pop email.

Having said this, we operate our own pop server located in the premier data hotel at 151 Front St. in Toronto. Our IBM server is top notch with multiple redundancies to ensure our customers’ email operates effectively, efficiently and without interruption. We offer as a courtesy a web mail client for our pop users so they may retrieve their email worldwide when necessary. Our cost effective pop email service is one that any company can rely upon.

Due to the ever changing IT world specifically communications we have found a trend with our customers moving to a hosted exchange platform which permits them not only to email but to share calendars, share a contact database and most importantly use Outlook Web Access which permits them to have all of their information in one database instead of 2 or 3 different locations.

We’ve been in I.T. for well over a decade!