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Server Repair Etobicoke

Server repair in greater toronto area.

Do You Have Server Issues & Problems?

Are you experiencing issues with your server? Typical server issues and problems include user account login problems, inaccessible network services, no access to network storage or files. Don’t let server problems hinder your productivity or decrease your network security. At Computer Master, whether you need help with your network server or your business’ domain controller — we always have a solution! We’re familiar with a wide range of operating systems, hardware, and RAID so we can easily develop custom solutions for your specific needs.


Different Types of Etobicoke Server Repair

At Computer Master, we can perform server repair easily on-site or remotely for your convenience.  Take a look at our local Etobicoke server repair services we perform below:


Physical Examination

We conduct physical examinations by thoroughly inspecting the cooling fans, heatsink retention clips, breakage or discolouration due to excessive heat, and leaking/damaged capacitors.


Memory Testing

When the computer’s memory is defective it can cause errors, blue screens, prevent displays on the screen, and lockups. We test memory using software that detects the type of RAM installed on the system.


Hard Drive Testing

Hard drive failures are the most common in systems, but also the most damaging because it holds all your data. A failing hard drive can create slow booting and longer load times for applications. That’s why we test the speed and readability of every sector on your hard drive. If early hard drive failure is detected the possibility of data recovery is still viable.


Software Inspection & Virus Removal

We inspect the software and update it with latest commercially or proprietary software available or to help detect any forms of malicious software. It’s highly important to remove common adware, spyware, and toolbar programs. At Computer Master, we test and remove viruses, trojans, and rootkit applications.


Checking File System

Your computer’s file system keeps all your data and operating system files organized like an advanced catalogue. Some things may not load correctly or may become inaccessible if the file system is damaged. Without a proper filing system, you may have trouble finding specific items.


Dust & Debris Removal

It’s important to keep your system cool to prevent overheating and encourage general functions under heavy loads. We ensure all your fans, heatsinks, and vents are cleaned and free from dust or debris.


Updating Operating Systems

We update OS (Operating Systems) such as Apple and Microsoft that can patch vulnerabilities, corrects bugs, and add compatibility to their operating systems. We perform all critical updates from your OS vendor for added protection, so you can enjoy an optimum experience.


Hardware Installation

We also install hardware components such as a memory, power supply, CPU, video card, and new motherboards depending on compatibility and previous settings.


Data Recovery & Backup Solutions

When performing server repair, we also provide secure online backups so you don’t lose important files or confidential data. We use 3 tiered data encryption and unlimited versioning and archiving for all your files.


Server Repair in Etobicoke

Be proactive! Don’t let server downtime put a hamper on your productivity. At Computer Master, you always receive professional Etobicoke server repair and custom IT solutions for your home office or business. Contact us or call 905-820-8480 for a FREE estimate!


*Additionally, your server can be Co-Located in one of our Network Operating Centres [NOC] or you can rent servers, normally referred to as Infrastructure As A Service [IAAS].