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Server Support Hamilton

On-Site Service and Support

Leverage our on-site support service for your local area network and its hardware. It is like having an entire IT department but only when you need it! Modern Local Area Networks have enormous capability and can accelerate your business’s growth by reducing costs and increasing efficiency.
Our technicians are networking experts that know everything there is to know about the hardware and the applications that run on it. By having us on call you can count on IT failures being solved and resolved quickly and prevented in the future.

Lan Hardware Solutions

We sell, service and support IBM, HP, DELL and LENOVO systems. We are also a Lenovo Authorized Warranty Service Provider. By leveraging the hardware options of these 4 providers we can create any IT solution for your business

Get an It solution that is right for your business. Whether you need multiple Rack Servers to run your SAAS Applications or just one tower server to manage a point of sale you can count on Computer Master to help you find out what you need.

Voice and Data Cabling

We can handle any sized cabling job whether it is cleaning up your current setup or connecting underground fibre optics between buildings. Our certified cabling installations come with a 25 year guarantee because we know that our cabling will work forever.
We are Cisco, Meraki and Palo Alto Certified so you can count on your network being secure and efficient.

ADSL, Fibre and Wireless Internet

Internet can come in many forms, Computer Master will get you the fastest connection for the lowest price. Connecting your business to the internet can be challenging depending on your location. We are able to provide a wireless connection for locations that currently have no developed infrastructure or operate from rural areas.

You can count on our solution to integrate seamlessly with your Local Network and provide the security requirement that you need for your business to be online 99.999% of the time.

IT Disaster Recovery Planning

IT disasters can shut businesses down if they don’t have a plan in place. Things that are outside your control can happen and if your business is left without an internet connection or your servers are destroyed Computer Master can have an executable plan for you to follow that will minimize that damage done to the company.

What we are ready to provide:

Power: Emergency generators stationed across North America
Communications: Satellite links to restore phone and internet service
Workspace: mobile office suites complete with restroom facilities, as well as a nationwide network of brick & mortar recovery locations
Computer Systems: Computers, servers and office equipment stocked for express shipment

SAN / NAS Systems

Integrating storage systems into your Local Area Network can be a very complicated process but provide huge value. Accessing files over a Local Area Network is exponentially faster and more secure than doing so over the internet. Although Cloud Storage is easily scalable it can not only bottleneck your system but also cost more in the long run.

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