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Server Support North York

Server Support in North York

Server support in greater toronto area.


What is a Server?

A server is essentially designed to process queries and deliver data to other computers via local or wide area network or to the internet. Servers are meant to serve data to the client that requests information. This data may be any type of data such as normal MS Office files, pictures, videos, drawings etc.


Different Types of Servers

Some servers are only dedicated to a single function or there are some implementations that use one server for numerous applications to be served. There are many different types of servers you can use for your business needs. A large network that would support a medium-sized company usually sets up different types of servers such as:


  • File Servers – serves all types of file or data.
  • Print Servers – serves to users all available printers
  • Application Servers mission critical software the company utilizes such as an Accounting Package, Customer Relationship Manager [CRM], Quoting, Anti-Virus etc
  • Web Serversthis server is responsible for website hosting and displays pages and runs applications through web browsers
  • DHCP – Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
  • Exchange Servers – this is a collaborative email server either located on a premise hosted in a network operating centre.
  • Email Servers – facilitates the sending and receiving of email messages.
  • FTP Server – supports the moving of files through File Transfer Protocol tools.
  • Domain or Active Directory Servers – supports logins and security roles for authorized users.


Why Your Business Needs Server Support & Maintenance

The foundation of any balanced and efficient IT network is the server. Server equipment, like any piece of professional equipment, requires regular maintenance to ensure they work optimally. If a server’s software is not kept up-to-date, it can become insecure and decrease in performance quality. Furthermore, the server’s responsiveness can decline, which leads to slower loading time and more downtime for your employees.

Server support in North York is imperative for businesses to operate on a day-to-day basis. Server maintenance safeguards against any potential failures and cleans up errors before they become major issues. When you take proactive steps with server support it improves business productivity and efficiency.


Server Support in North York

Maximize the performance of your computers and network with server support in North York.

At Computer Master, we provide server support plans that are customized for your business needs. Our server maintenance services are designed to maximize the performance of computers and servers on your network. We can work both remotely or on-site to diagnose and/or repair server issues, with little downtime and loss of data. Our IT technicians encompass all server setups in North York, including:


  • Security Updates
  • Migrating server data
  • Data Integrity
  • Network troubleshooting and configuration
  • Software program installation and upgrades
  • Diagnosis and analysis
  • Memory and hardware updates
  • Server upgrades
  • Backup solutions


Be proactive. Replace or upgrade your server to achieve the most out of your IT solutions. Contact Computer Master today for a FREE estimate!

Aside from this, your server may be Co-Located in one of our Network Operating Centres [NOC] or you may rent servers from us, normally referred to as Infrastructure As A Service [IAAS].