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Spam Filtering Services Burlington

man on a computer sending spam mailsWhat is Spam Filtering?


Spam is essentially digital junk mail that can contain harmful viruses which can compromise or put your computer at risk. A spam filter is a program setup to detect and prevent unsolicited or unwanted emails from entering a user’s inbox. It also helps to filter out viruses from entering a computer or your business I.T. systems. There are many filters set up to safeguard against spam, such as Bayesian or other heuristic filters that can identify suspicious patterns or words.


How Spam Filtering Works


Spam filtering works by applying a system of code to determine which incoming messages are spam or not. There are many distinct types of spam filters available, here are a few examples of simple effective ones:

  • Content filters – examines content for suspicious text to determine if it’s spam.
  • Header filters – checks email header for falsified information.
  • Blacklist filters – stops emails from known spammers from a blacklisted file.
  • Rules-based filters – blocks spam using a user-defined criteria.
  • Permission filters – requires sender and messages to be pre-approved by the recipient.
  • Challenge-response filters – authorizes the sender to enter a code to obtain permission to send an email.


Many spam filtering programs also contain 4 virus scanning engines, over 1100 filters, and more than 60 filtering techniques. To give you additional front-wave protection from emails containing spam, worms, viruses and other vulnerabilities.


Why Your Business Needs Spam Filtering


Without spam and virus filtering you are opening your company to potential damaging risk. Spam is an access point for viruses and malicious code to enter your business. Having a spam filter is a powerful and flexible email protection that eliminates up to 99% of unwanted emails before it reaches your I.T. network or employees email. With a spam filtering service in  Burlington, , it gives flexibility and enables businesses of any size to manage email communications with high level of control and protection


Get Spam Filtering Services in Burlington


Keep your business safe from harmful and malicious emails that can harm your I.T. Don’t forgo spam filtering services in  Burlington as one of the most common preventative protocols for any company it’s an effective way to mitigate risk. At Computer Master, we provide email and spam filtering services in  Burlington. Contact us or call (905)-820-8480 for a free 30 day Trial and company assessment today!