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WAN Network Support Brampton

WAN Network Support in Brampton

Wide area network services set up

What is a Wide Area Network (WAN)

A WAN (wide area network) is made up of many computer networks that are geographically connected together over the Internet. They are used to facilitate the connection of several LANS (local area networks), usually by a private telecommunications network. Essentially, WANS connect many users and computers in one location, so they can communicate with each other in different areas. In a business setting, companies use a WAN to connect headquarters, branch offices, off-site facilities, and cloud services.

How Does a WAN Connect LANs

Wide Area Networks are frequently built using leased lines, where they are connected to a router. The router will connect LANs to a central component within the WAN. However, instead of using leased lines which can be more costly, they can also be connected using less expensive circuit switching or packet switching processes.

Why Choose a WAN in Brampton

A WAN permits users to access and share applications, services and other resources that are centrally located. Using a WAN removes the need to install duplications of the same application servers, firewalls or other programs in numerous locations

Utilizing a VPN (virtual private network) assists the connection between WAN locations in Brampton. The most commonly used VPN is an IPsec, which is used in open site-to-site connections. An IPsec is generally found in offices or headquarters that are located in different geographical regions. The more preferred choice is an SSL VPN, which enables individual users remote access. Furthermore, an SSL VPN can be used to transmit data from users across an encrypted WAN. A Wide Area Network can also be connected using direct fiber optic links, they provide better performance, more reliability and increased security than VPNs.

Different WAN Connections

WAN infrastructure may be privately owned or leased as a service from a third-party service. The different types of WAN connections are usually created with wired or wireless technologies.

  • Wired WAN services: these are made with links using multiprotocol label switching, T1’s Carrier Ethernet and broadband commercial links.
  • Wireless WAN services: these wireless technologies are connected to cellular data networks, such as 3G, 4G, LTE, likewise public Wifi or satellite networks.
  • Hybrid WAN services: uses a combination of both private and public networks.

Why Choose Computer Master

We offer fully secure and private VPN wide area networks. We are expert professionals for internet connections, computer hardware and software, and provide you with top industry security solutions. Our specialities are ensuring your networks are properly managed and monitored. Let us design and deploy your Wide Area Network, so you can sleep well at night.

We are fully certified and use industry standard gear and products such as Cisco, Meraki, Palo Alto, which offers 2-4 hour replacement so that your network stays up and running without the risk factors associated with inferior solutions thus providing your business with the best in productivity.

Branch to branch connectivity through an application server either in-house or co-located is extremely critical to be available all the time. We offer gradient levels of solutions depending on what your budget might permit.

When you need to have simple, secure, fast and cost-effective connections in Brampton, just call Computer Master. We will offer the very best solution with the lowest total cost of ownership seen in the industry.