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Web Design and Web Hosting




Computer Master has been designing websites since the mid-90’s.

Basic pages were developed for our customers just so they were able to have some type of web presence. We normally would take all of their current marketing material centered around their specific products and services and digitize them and make them into a website. This would be for our customers who wanted simple easy and affordable web presence.

For other customers we developed real time web presence. The best example that comes to mind is a local soccer club. We built them a website and published all the pertinent information daily required by coaches, team members, parents and the public. At this time, it made their business much more efficient and productive. This local club had a membership of 6,000 participants which you could say would be a paramount task to communicate information quickly either by phone and or mail. When they were running their annual tournament and severe weather conditions prevailed we were able to keep thousands of participants up to date with schedule changes, cancellations and field changes for the tournament to become successful.

We have taken a simple engineering firms website and created a new site with professional pictures and content. We had professional photographers, videographers and graphic design artists to assist with these tasks.

We developed several e-commerce sites so that our customers could sell a specific product or service directly over the web utilizing all Merchant accounts such as American Express, Master Card, PayPal and Visa.

Further to the above we have developed application intranets/extranets for companies. These consisted of making a website accessible to the entire company via the current browser with a sophisticated interface worldwide to the local and or co-located company database server. With this type of interface it made accessing the company server easy for all users in any location worldwide. These developments dramatically improved company productivity by much faster and easier access to files and general communication. Basically things got done faster and more efficiently.

Over the years many tools have been utilized to accomplish goals that customers had and we have worked diligently to keep up with current technologies in the web development areas.