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Wide Area Network Support Burlington

Computer Master has deployed multiple wide area networks across the GTA [Greater Toronto Area], Ontario and Canada.

We have been deploying wide area networks on cutting edge technology ever since we started. When you work with Computer Master you can trust that we know what we are doing.

Over the last decade, we have deployed many different wide area networks to serve a variety of needs. We start by understanding what your application is then engineer a solution that works perfectly for you. Don’t worry about all of the complicated and technical aspects of building a network, just tell us what you want it to do and we will do the rest!

We also offer network monitoring and security solutions so that you can focus on your business while we provide around the clock support for the infrastructure you built it on.

We are certified and deploy some of the best gear the industry offers such as Cisco, Meraki, Palo Alto. These providers offer 2-4 hour replacement which lets you get back online much faster than you could with inferior hardware.

Branch to branch connected to an application server either in-house or co-located is extremely critical to be available all the time. The applications at the core of your business need to be available at all times. That is why we engineer solutions that can withstand extraneous circumstances and have built in redundancies. We offer gradient levels of solutions depending upon what your budget might permit.

When you need to have simple, secure, fast and cost effective connections from location to location just call us. We will offer the very best solution with the lowest total cost of ownership seen in the industry.

We’ve been in I.T. for well over a decade!

Fibre, DSL and Cable Whenever and Wherever You Need It.

We have a deal with our providers that gives Computer Master direct Network Operation Centre access with all of our carriers. This allows us to directly fix any issue you may have and cut out the wait times traditional providers would give you. We handle internet access for all of our customers at all of their branches.

We are able to setup Layer 2 networks to eliminate the expensive license renewals for your VPN devices.


Only the best firewalls, routers and switches.

We’ve deployed Palo Alto Networks, Meraki, Cisco and Netgear for these applications.

Top level information about your network like port numbers and IP addresses won’t help you respond to incidents on your network. We deploy infrastructure that can give our clients rich data about the activities on their network so that they can leverage and respond to it accordingly. Our deep understanding of the network allows us to provide reporting that turns an extremely complicated topic into something that anyone can digest and understand. This allows our clients to make comparative decisions and ultimately react in the best possible way to network incidents.

Security Auditing

Auditing is a very important process that will uncover any holes in the network or website security.

Almost every company has sensitive information on their servers and are not protecting it adequately. Security audits should be done by an out of house IT team that will work the same way as someone trying to get the information without permission. Setting up access monitoring and protection measures is a fail proof way to protect yourself and respond to malicious IT situations.

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